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The goal of the “EnterpriseYou” project is to improve opportunities for youth entrepreneurship education by creating a new methodological tool based on non-formal education principles.

This need is based on a review of youth entrepreneurship education, youth unemployment, and career choice situations in Lithuania, Iceland, and Spain. Together with project partners, we aim to create and test a universal methodological tool for youth entrepreneurship education. This will enable youth workers to independently prepare entrepreneurship competence development sessions on seven topics: creativity, ecology, financial literacy, social inclusion, motivation, communication, and best practices.

It is important to note that developing youth entrepreneurship competencies provides young people with more opportunities to enter the labor market, especially through self-employment. Therefore, the methodological tool created during this project will aim to reduce youth unemployment and career indecision in the long term. The target group of this project is disadvantaged youth who face difficulties integrating into the labor market due to financial hardships, remote living locations, or lack of social skills. Thus, this project aims to integrate disadvantaged youth into the labor market and society through entrepreneurship education based on non-formal learning principles. The project will focus on the concept of social entrepreneurship, which involves realizing business ideas that meet the needs of local communities.

Finally, the methodological tool created during the project will contribute to the implementation of the European Youth Work Agenda and the development of youth work methods at an international level.

Project objectives:

  1. Create, test, and internationally disseminate a new methodological tool for youth entrepreneurship education.
  2. Improve the competencies of youth workers and provide knowledge for organizing youth entrepreneurship sessions based on non-formal education principles.
  3. Enhance youth entrepreneurship competencies and motivation to realize their business ideas through exemplary international youth entrepreneurship training.
  4. Raise awareness among the general public and the project’s target group about how quality youth entrepreneurship education contributes to reducing youth unemployment and career indecision.

Project results:

  1. Created and internationally disseminated a new methodological tool for youth entrepreneurship education in four languages (Lithuanian, Spanish, Icelandic, and English).
  2. Improved the competencies of 18 youth workers to organize youth entrepreneurship education sessions.
  3. Enhanced the entrepreneurship competencies of 30 young people, focusing on social entrepreneurship, and increased their motivation to realize their business ideas.
  4. Increased public awareness and perception of youth entrepreneurship education programs as a means to reduce youth unemployment.

Project number: 2022-1-LT02-KA210-YOU-000084469

Project funding amount: 60,000 EUR

The project is funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ program.

Project partners:

Amigos de Europa

The methodological tool for youth entrepreneurship education “EnterpriseYOU” created during the project:

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